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Leon Botstein, and Werner Hanak (eds.)
Vienna. Jews and the City of Music 1870–1938. Catalogue

Music as the Language of Acculturation and Assimilation Vienna's musical culture was influenced decisively by Jewish composers, performers, and patrons. Some, such as Mahler and Schoenberg, would open the gates to modernism, while others, such as Kálmán or Oscar Straus, would fix permanently in our imagination the myth of the city of music as fairy-tale city.

From the City of Music to the "City Without Jews" This exhibition catalogue guides the visitor into Vienna, the city of music. The essays collected here seek to shed light on the role of the Jewish population and the fin-de-siècle conflict between the avant-garde and the reactionaries and to show that contrary to traditional notions, Jews not always were to be found in the modernist camp. They also tell of the axis Vienna – Berlin during the interwar years and illuminate the Jewish-Austrian musical symbiosis, which in the end would turn out to have been no more than a dream: quasi una fantasia. We furthermore document the expulsion and murder of Jewish musicians between 1938 and 1945 and their work in exile. A critical look at Vienna after 1945 concludes the volume.

"With the exhibition comes a magnificent illustrated catalogue, containing two CDs" (Graham G. Norton, The Times, London)

CD 1 Between Classicism and Modernism
with Mahler, Goldmark, Schreker, Korngold, Schönberg, Zemlinsky, Grosz, Krenek, Toch, Brand, Wellesz, Gál, Weigl, Bürger

CD 2 Popular Positions
with Benatzky, Fall, O. Strauss, Eysler, Abraham, Kálmán, May, Spoliansky, Meisel, Weill, Steiner
Catalogue, Exhibition at the Yeshiva Univ. Museum, New York, 02-06/04

208 p., br. € 39.–, 978-3-936000-12-2